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Community Empowerment

  • Christmas Festival in Tripoli

    Festive Joy, Economic Renewal: ACUA’s Christmas Festival Illuminates Tripoli

      In the spirit of unity and shared commitment to Lebanon's prosperity, ACUA Foundation orchestrated a spectacular week-long Christmas festival in Tripoli in 2021.
    •  What made it special?
    Enchanting music, vibrant art, known artists and musicians, parades and the rich tapestry of Tripolitan cuisine. A bustling marketplace showcasing over 40 small businesses, fostering economic growth. The symbolic lighting of a majestic Christmas tree, echoing the city's renewal.
    •  ACUA's 'Christmas Festival in Tripoli' wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of unity and solidarity. This festive gathering aimed at revitalizing Tripoli's economy while embracing the true spirit of the season.
    •  Join us in fostering a stronger Lebanon, supporting local businesses, and building a resilient community. Let's create lasting memories and brighter futures together.
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