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Human Rights and Social Justice

  • ACUA's Prison outreach

    Nourishing Hope: ACUA’s Prison Food Relief Project

    During the peak of Lebanon's economic crisis, ACUA embarked on a mission to bring hope and sustenance to some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. In collaboration with local authorities, we visited Lebanese prisons, where we were confronted with dire conditions and prisoners facing food shortages. ACUA took swift action, providing a lifeline by delivering an impressive 10 tons of meat to these facilities. The impact of this project extended beyond providing essential nutrition; it offered a glimmer of hope to those in a challenging situation. Our efforts brought a sense of humanity and compassion to the incarcerated, reminding them that they are not forgotten, even in the most trying times. The Prison Food Relief Project stands as a testament to ACUA's commitment to addressing urgent needs and creating a more inclusive and compassionate Lebanon.
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