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In the face of pressing challenges, ACUA recognizes the urgency of addressing causes that are vital to the well-being and progress of Lebanon. Our commitment lies in catalyzing efforts to tackle issues that demand immediate attention. Whether it’s fostering social justice, preserving cultural heritage, promoting human rights, or engaging in environmental stewardship, ACUA is dedicated to making a tangible impact today to shape a better tomorrow for Lebanon. With a steadfast focus on addressing the most critical needs, we aim to be at the forefront of change, empowering Lebanon to overcome its challenges and thrive.

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Navigating the Harsh Realities: Irregular Migration in Lebanon

In Lebanon, the persistent challenge of irregular migration, especially among the youth seeking a better life in Europe, underscores a complex issue. ACUA recognizes the perilous allure of this dream and is dedicated to dispelling illusions. We aim to empower individuals by revealing the harsh realities of irregular migration, emphasizing that sustainable paths to a better life exist within Lebanon. Our mission is to advocate for change, offer alternatives, and highlight that irregular migration is not the solution, reinforcing a commitment to support and awareness.

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