At ACUA, our mission is to champion social justice through economic and human development. We are dedicated to uplifting those left behind while championing human rights. We create a collaborative space that embraces
fresh ideas, working hand in hand with researchers, decision-makers, experts,
and anyone dedicated to positive change. Together, we drive successful
projects that align with our core mission and vision.


ACUA’s vision shines bright: building a modern democratic nation where the
concepts of citizenship thrive. We aim to nurture a sense of belonging to the
land, respect for rights and freedoms, and raise the living standards of the
population. We envision a Lebanon where every citizen has equal opportunities
and can flourish in a just and inclusive society.


At ACUA, we believe in the power of ideas and people, unified towards a strong,
developed, and self-sustained Lebanon. We embrace the philosophy of collaboration, recognizing that by working together with the private sector, public sector, networks, and government entities, we can amplify our impact and drive positive change more effectively.


ACUA passionately supports causes that champion human rights, social justice, and civic engagement. We are committed to preserving cultural heritage, fostering environmental sustainability, and empowering communities for a brighter, inclusive future.


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