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ACUA’s Impact Against Irregular Migration

Lebanon, marred by political gridlocks and economic collapse since 2019, faces a dire situation marked by eroded civic freedoms and increased poverty. This study examines ACUA’s initiatives in combating irregular migration amid these challenges.

Background: The socio-economic downturn in Lebanon has led to a surge in irregular migration attempts, with tragic incidents emphasizing the urgency of intervention. ACUA, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, embarked on a multifaceted strategy to address the issue.

Seminar Series and Conference (Feb 2023): ACUA’s seminar series commenced with a pivotal conference on February 11, 2023, in Tripoli. Attended by prominent figures, including government officials and ambassadors, the event marked a significant milestone in raising awareness about irregular migration.

Documentary Screening and Recommendations: During the seminar, ACUA premiered the documentary “الهروب إل الأعماق,” underscoring the urgency of the irregular migration issue. Subsequently, ACUA released vital recommendations aimed at combatting irregular migration and driving positive change in Lebanon.

Awareness Video (Sep 2023): As part of the 360 campaign, ACUA produced an impactful awareness video featuring survivors of irregular migration. Airing on Lebanese TVs from September 26, 2023, the video aimed to engage a broad audience and amplify the campaign’s impact.

Drafted Law and Ongoing Initiatives: ACUA’s proactive stance is evident in the drafting of a law criminalizing irregular migration. The draft awaits deputy signatures, emphasizing ACUA’s commitment to effecting legal change. Ongoing initiatives include surveys to address migration hotspots and specialized committees for community engagement.

In conclusion, ACUA’s comprehensive approach, combining awareness, advocacy, and legal action, showcases its commitment to combatting irregular migration. The organization’s impact is measured not only in drafted laws but also in the tangible steps taken toward a more secure and informed Lebanon.

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