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Human Rights and Social Justice

ACUA’s Impact Against Irregular Migration

Lebanon, marred by political gridlocks and economic collapse since 2019, faces a dire situation marked by eroded civic freedoms and increased poverty. This study examines ACUA’s initiatives in combating irregular migration amid these challenges. Background: The socio-economic downturn in Lebanon has led to a surge in irregular migration attempts, with…...

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Case Study: A Closer Look at the Educational Landscape in Lebanon

Lebanon’s educational landscape faces unprecedented challenges, as reflected in the latest data and reports from the multi-sectoral situation update for the third quarter of 2023. ACUA, committed to championing social justice through economic and human development, sheds light on the current state of education in Lebanon, emphasizing the need for…...

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Case Study : Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Irregular Migration

Background: The ongoing socioeconomic crisis in Lebanon has triggered a surge in irregular migration, presenting a complex challenge that demands a comprehensive understanding. This case study integrates data from Mr. Ibrahim Jouhari’s research and previous information to provide a multidimensional analysis of irregular migration from Lebanon. Context: Lebanon’s multifaceted crisis,…...

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