Women's Navigator
in Lebanon

الملتقى السنوي لتمكين المرأة اللبنانية

March 8, 2024 at 2 pm
Beirut Exhibition Hall, Horch Tabet


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Annual Forum to Enable Women with the Skills Necessary for their Professional Success in Lebanon

Women’s Navigator in Lebanon is a groundbreaking initiative that tackles the critical challenges faced by Lebanese women, from economic crises to insufficient growth and security environments. 

It aims to prevent talent drain by empowering them with leadership skills, growth mindsets, and robust networks, fostering their ability to thrive, lead, and find fulfillment within Lebanon, without the need to seek opportunities abroad.

Speakers Agenda

Panel 1: Redefining the Narrative of Women’s Empowerment

Panel 2: Fostering Dialogue Among Ecosystem's Stakeholders

Panel 3: The Power of Women in Crafting a Sustainable Economy

Event Agenda

2:00 pm

Event Starts

2:30 pm


2:35 pm

Welcome Ceremony

2:40 pm

Keynote Speech

2:50 pm

Panel Discussion

3:30 pm

Keynote Speech

3:40 pm

Panel Discussion

4:10 pm

Cocktail & Entertainment

4:40 pm

Keynote Speech

4:50 pm

Panel Discussion

5:30 pm

List of Recommendations

5:40 pm

Gesture of Appreciation

5:50 pm

Open Mic

The Venue

Beirut Exhibition Hall, Horch Tabet