Ongoing Initiatives

Bricks of hope for futures full of opportunities.


Ongoing Initiatives

Bricks Of Hope For Futures Full Of Opportunities

In the aftermath of the blast that rocked Beirut on August 4th, hundreds lost their lives, thousands were injured, and hundreds of thousands of people found themselves on the streets, stripped from their safe haven, and one of the hardest hit areas was Karantina. That’s why, at ACUA, we decided to team with leading Lebanese architects and contractors to give back to the community and help by taking on an entire street in Medawar. Our initiative involves transforming the neighborhood into an “exemplary” street by rehabilitating and beautifying it while maintaining its cultural heritage, and supporting its residents with mental health care to optimize their quality of life. This is the first step to achieving our vision of a developed, sustainable and beautiful Lebanon.

Light Up Medawar

Among the humanitarian, social, cultural, and environmental activities carried out by ACUA Foundation, the NGO organized a Christmas celebration in the Medawar area of Beirut, the area closest to the Beirut Port where the August 4 explosion occurred. With the presence and participation of the governor of Beirut, several societal and media figures and the people of the region, an unconventional tree was lit as a patriotic symbol whose purpose is to reinforce the concept of citizenship.

The celebration was held in the exemplary street being rebuilt and restored by ACUA Foundation after most of its buildings were destroyed in the wake of the Beirut explosion.

The attendees enjoyed a fully-packed entertainment program, including Christmas carols by the children of Tania Kassis Academy, followed by Christmas carols by students of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Saint Joseph University. The children also celebrated the holiday to the rhythms and beats of joy revived by the Parade La Vida Fiesta, received gifts from Santa Claus and enjoyed all facets of this event that brought back joy to their hearts.

Firefighting Cedar

ACUA Foundation launched the Firefighting Cedar Initiative, whereby a symbolic cedar of Lebanon was sent to all the mothers whose heroic children were martyred while carrying out their national duty during the Beirut explosion.

Additionally, as a continuation of the cooperative initiative led by ACUA Foundation with the firefighting unit of the Lebanese Civil Defense, the organization took the initiative to work on rehabilitating and beautifying the Beirut Fire Brigade Martyrs' Park in the Karantina area and transforming the center's garden into a shrine worthy of its martyrs, as a symbol of respect to honor the sacrifices of the firefighters and their bravery.

Love Barriers

Love barriers were set up by ACUA Foundation in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces.

The Love Barrier initiative aimed to draw a smile on the faces of citizens amidst the difficult economic conditions that Lebanon is going through by speaking with them at the checkpoints and providing them with sweets for their families on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The value of this initiative lies in strengthening the relationship between citizens and security forces as well as in developing the concept of coexistence and assistance between all parties.

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