An Understanding of the Choice of Initiatives

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday August 4th, 2020 as Beirutis were going about their day, disaster struck and in the blink of an eye, hundreds lost their lives, thousands were injured, and hundreds of thousands found themselves stripped of their belongings and the safety of their homes.

One of the hardest areas was the already marginalized and precarious Karantina neighborhood. In the wake of the destruction, individuals found themselves standing in the midst of rubble that once was their safe haven, having to alternate surveillance shifts to protect what is left of their property.

For many, these were their family homes; the homes where they were raised, and then raised their kids. So beyond the physical safety of a home, they have an unbreakable emotional attachment to this locale; a bond no amount of money can break.

Our first project is entitled Bricks of Hope to symbolize the hope we’re trying to reignite by refurbishing the entire “tin street” in Karantina and improving its residents’ wellbeing.

We are working with experts to make over the street and buildings in a sustainable manner to provide these residents with the space they deserve. Our goal is to renew their links to their land, to make sure they don’t have to leave, and to find themselves in a new and improved situation.

The repeated trauma experienced by those in the area has left them in a fragile mental state, only worsened by the most recent tragedy. That’s why we also aim to provide the necessary mental health care to these residents to ensure they can deal, heal and regain a healthy lifestyle.

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