An Understanding of the Choice of Initiatives

At ACUA, we view every project undertaken as a building block for the achievement of a stronger Lebanon. That’s why we choose initiatives that will allow us to provide the instruments and frameworks necessary to achieve this ultimate goal. Here is an overview of the factors that influence the reasoning behind every project.

Social Justice Values

At the heart of ACUA is the commitment to the promotion of human rights, the advancement of quality of life and the satisfaction of basic needs. The achievement of social justice underlies every decision and action taken; it is invaluable that all of our initiatives are aligned with these values.

Empowering Individuals

We want to supply people with the support, tools and knowhow to become self-sustained and empowered individuals. We seek to alleviate people’s problems by providing them with the mechanisms to actively take control and better their life.

Developing the Country

The sum of the projects conducted by our foundation contributes to the establishment of a more developed and sustainable Lebanon, a Lebanon that we all deserve to safely enjoy and prosper in. It is our topmost priority to rehabilitate and revive our beloved country, and so we aim for every initiative to contribute to this goal.

Reinforcing Cultural Ties

Strengthening Lebanon as a nation means strengthening people’s links to their culture and their country. We hope to launch plans and programs that will teach the Lebanese youth more about their culture and its origins.

Global Impact

We want to make sure every project will lead to a long-term, universal change with a significant impact. We are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in guiding our actions. Revitalizing Lebanon, and guaranteeing citizens’ and residents’ rights, brings us closer to the realization of the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development.

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