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We are firm believers that ideas are powerful enough to change entire communities.

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We are Firm Believers in the Power of ideas and people, unified towards a strong, developed and self-sustained Lebanon.

Acua’s objective is to establish an empowered affiliation and cooperative network between researchers and policy-makers willing to work with private sectors, non-governmental organizations, and governments in order to enhance constructive communication and fruitful interactions.

Our core mission is to create a secure bridge connecting resources to networks of potential so that we can establish a mechanism that focuses on reducing poverty and injustice, fortifying democratic values, promoting peace, and protecting the rights of the marginalized and underprivileged communities. By encouraging a humanitarian restructuring of society, Acua aspires to enhance the collective abilities of organizations towards a common goal that allows the involved parties to operate where their assistance is most needed to generate promising outcomes.

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We are Strict Believers in the Power of Ideas to Change the Communities

Our vision is founded upon the belief that social justice is the root of all positive changes; for only when fair and just relations between the individual and society exist through equal access to opportunities can societies prosper and individuals thrive.

The promotion of human rights is the key to growth and success, where a decent quality of life is what every human deserves. Acua is a firm believer that establishing a civil society where cooperative networks exist between NGOs, the country’s different sectors, and the government is the initial step needed for sustainable development and the adoption of core human values, where their long-term effects will allow communities to grow through the culture of collective thinking and awareness.

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We are Strict Believers in the Power of Ideas to Change the Communities.

Integrity & Ethics : enhancing lives through community development and citizenship consolidation so that people can determine and fulfill their needs

Alleviation of Suffering : our organizational virtue is bolstered through the uncompromising adherence to strong moral values that embrace transparency and responsibility

Neutrality & Independence : our independent members are voluntarily united by one common desire: the neutral aim to empower people

Engagement & Commitment : all parties involves, from NGOs to government entities, collaborate to excel and are committed to achieving development goals

Project Diversity : to reach the highest level of support and development, Acua’s projects encompass various programs dedicated to building societies through the inclusion of all abilities and resources

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Ongoing Initiatives

Love Barriers

Love barriers were set up by ACUA Foundation in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces.

The Love Barrier initiative aimed to draw a smile on the faces of citizens amidst the difficult economic conditions that Lebanon is going through by speaking with them at the checkpoints and providing them with sweets for their families on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The value of this initiative lies in strengthening the relationship between citizens and security forces as well as in developing the concept of coexistence and assistance between all parties.

Latest News

Building Bricks of Hope

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday August 4th, 2020 as Beirutis were going about their day, disaster struck and in the blink of an eye, hundreds lost their lives, thousands were injured, and hundreds of thousands found themselves stripped of their belongings and the safety of their homes.

One of the hardest areas was the already marginalized and precarious Karantina neighborhood. In the wake of the destruction, individuals found themselves standing in the midst of rubble that once was their safe haven, having to alternate surveillance shifts to protect what is left of their property.

Building Bricks of Hope


these were their family homes; the homes where they were raised,

An Understanding of the Choice of Initiatives


We want to make sure every project will lead to a long term ONE

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